EP1: The Path To Exit | Steps To Selling An Online Business

Welcome to the first episode of the Digital Dealmakers podcast, hosted by Kristin Jacobsen and Dominic Sullivan.

Dominic, an M&A specialist, shares his extensive experience in the deal-making space, offering a breakdown of the eight fundamental steps of the exit process.

Kristin, an exit advisor and entrepreneur, discusses his personal journey of selling his online business and the lessons learned.

In this episode, we explore:

πŸ‘‰ What the podcast is about
πŸ‘‰ Why it’s worth tuning in
πŸ‘‰ Who we are
πŸ‘‰ The step-by-step process of selling an online business
πŸ‘‰ Common misconceptions & mistakes of selling an online business
πŸ‘‰ How to avoid them

Welcome to Digital Dealmakers: The Online Business M&A Podcast!

Dive into the world of buying, selling & flipping online businesses & digital assets. This podcast offers real-world advice on buying, selling, and flipping online businesses & digital assets.

Hosted by Kristin Jacobsen & Dominic Sullivan.

Powered by Flippa.com – The #1 global online platform to buy & sell online businesses & digital assets.

Connect with Us Here:

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🎧 [Apple] https://bit.ly/digital-dealmakers-apple
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